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Publishing date: 20/05/2018

MapDance - Privacy policy

MapDance aims at helping its users to localize and rate dance events and allow them to buy items related to dance. MapDance commit to respect your privacy.

The apps links are available on MapDance website https://mapdance.com

Private data collection

When using MapDance service, the user allows MapDance to use anonymously its search requests for statistics. MapDance works in a respectful way of user’s privacy, and no personal data collected by MapDance will be transmitted to a tier. Mails sent by MapDance should contain unsubscribe links, if you want to unsubscribe and can’t find a proper link, contact us through our website, we will do it for you.

In some case such as product, service or ticket sale, the vendor may ask user for personal details to achieve properly and secure the sale. MapDance doesn’t allow any transfer of data from organizers to tier.

Use of geographical data

Using MapDance may require some location data, however it does not require user's location. If the service asks for the user’s location, this data is only used to best serve the user and used only on client-side to help him. MapDance can collect anonymous data to improve or secure the service (non-exhaustive list: IP address, ip location, parameters used). Location of the phone is only for the user's convenience and is never sent to MapDance' servers. It is only used to position the map to the user’s location. Location can be disabled within the app in the settings section, and for the website in your browser settings. MapDance does not share your private geographical data to external entities.

Use of sharing capacities

In any case MapDance shares your private data to external entities. Every sharing action is performed after user's explicit request. MapDance commits to share only content on user's explicit request.

Use of ads

The app may contain promoted content. These ads may be target on your interests selected on the website or the app.

Change on privacy policy

MapDance may change this document to reflect the development of new services proposed.

Your approval

By using MapDance you agree with our information processes and use of different data described in this document and in modifications we may apply.

Contact information

To any question related to this privacy policy, we invite you to contact us via our facebook page, via the app's contact form or directly on our website, we will try our best to answer quickly.
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